Anderson Cooper Takes Tequila Shots During CNN New Year's Eve Coverage

Andy Cohen Anderson Cooper - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of CNN

The anchor, joined by co-host Andy Cohen, rang in 2019 from New York City's Times Square for the cable news network.

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen reteamed once more to ring in the New Year on CNN. 

The duo anchored the cable news network's live New Year's Eve broadcast for the second year in a row. Cohen took over the co-hosting duties from Kathy Griffin — who hosted alongside Cooper for nine years — after the female comic was fired for posing for a photo shoot with a bloody mask of President Donald Trump in 2017.

On Monday, Griffin tweeted about the show, saying, "I’m so flattered and touched by all the comments saying that you miss me co-hosting the New Year’s Eve telecast. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the positivity and I want you to know how grateful I am."

Early on in the broadcast, Cohen revealed the gender of his first child, a boy, whom he will be welcoming in 2019 via a surrogate mother. The Watch What Happens Live host's parents also joined the show later on, as they did last year, to read lines from a script and have their son guess which film it was from.

At the top of every hour, the hosts took a shot of tequila, much to the chagrin of Cooper, who kept insisting he doesn't drink often when teased by Cohen.

It wasn't just Cohen and Cooper who were a part of the festivities. Correspondent Richard Quest took to the streets of Times Square dressed as a pretzel to hand out the twisted baked goods he was attired as to spectators standing in the rain and later showed up dressed as a pizza. Hosts Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin sipped on libations with brass marching bands on the streets of New Orleans. Lemon called the show the "gayest New Years show on air." Leyla Santiago busted open a pinata in Mexico City while Randi Kaye, who last year smoked marijuana live on air, partied on a yacht in St. Barts. This year, she drank champagne from a massive bottle poured into her mouth by a man dressed as Superman.

Also, Oscar-winner Gary Oldman, assisting magician Criss Angel, appeared via satellite from Las Vegas to perform a card trick that involved a crossbow.

During a segment where actors and other stars shared their 2019 resolutions, Jane Curtin said she wanted to make sure the "Republican party dies," while Terrence Howard hoped to "break down the entire economic global infrastructure."

Comedian Dave Chappelle appeared via satellite later on in the broadcast from Yellow Springs, Ohio, where he was asked by Cohen about Kevin Hart's short-lived Oscar hosting gig. "I was afraid you were going to ask me about that," Chappelle said. "Kevin Hart is a great comedian and I’m sorry he won’t be hosting the Oscars."

When asked if he would do be interested in hosting the Oscars, Chappelle said, “If they’re mad at Kevin, I think they’d be untenable if I did it.”