Anderson Cooper's Mother Asked for Instagram Help During Hurricane Irma

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

The CNN anchor also defended reporting on the storms from outside in dangerous conditions.

While visiting Late Night With Seth Meyers, Anderson Cooper revealed that his mother, actress and fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt, wouldn’t stop emailing him while he was covering Hurricane Irma in Florida. Surprisingly, the topic on her mind was not the safety of her son, but on her Instagram account.

Cooper was the mastermind behind getting his 93-year-old mother on the social media site and he claimed, “she has now become obsessed.” After having to explain the concept of Instagram to Vanderbilt multiple times, Cooper decided to make her an account. He promoted Vanderbilt’s Instagram handle on his personal account and her follower count quickly jumped to approximately 130,000 followers. Vanderbilt was so excited that “it was like Christmas times a thousand for her,” Cooper said. “The idea that anybody would be interested in what she was doing thrilled her.”

While Vanderbilt’s “instant addiction” to the social media platform started off as a fun activity, her Instagram obsession quickly got in the way of Cooper’s work. “She now e-mails me about 20 times a day and ten of them are, ‘Should I post this picture?,’" he said. Once Vanderbilt determines which picture she wants to post on Instagram, then she’ll ask for her son’s help with creating a caption. Cooper’s response tends to be along the lines of, “You know what? I have a job to do.”

When Meyers asked if Vanderbilt realized part of that job includes covering hurricanes, Cooper was quick to bring out another anecdote. After emailing his mother to let her know he could not help her because he was working, she sent an email that said, “Oh, sorry. Well, let me quickly ask you, what about this picture?”

In the beginning of the clip, Meyers teased Cooper about his famous black T-shirt that he wore while covering Hurricane Irma, though Copper has a reason for it. “Black or dark shirts hide the sweat,” he revealed.

The anchor also defended reporters who cover the hurricane by going out into the disaster, a practice that has received renewed criticism lately. He said, “It’s an incredible force of nature and, you know, we want to document what is happening and to see that up close is a really extraordinary thing.”

Check out the full clip below.