Andie MacDowell: Bill Murray "Never Going to Do" 'Groundhog Day' Reboot | In Studio

"People always say, 'Let’s do "Groundhog Day" again,'" the actress said. "You can forget that."

Andie MacDowell sat down with The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss her new film Love After Love and why a Groundhog Day reboot is out of the question.

In the new pic, MacDowell plays Suzanne, a woman dealing with the death of her husband and the father of her two sons as she turns to dating for companionship, only to have it drive a wedge between her and her older son Nicholas (Chris O’Dowd). The actress explained the working relationship between her and O’Dowd on set: “Chris really got on my nerves,” she joked.

“Chris is a very strong alpha man, and I am somewhat of an alpha woman. And I think actually, that's kind of what those characters were, too," said MacDowell. "Chris, more or less, set the tone for how we would get the scenes together, how we would rehearse a scene, and I had a hard time with it because his process is extremely slow and very meticulous, and I really enjoy experimenting. He won. He was going to win. I was not going to be alpha, so I think that energy just kind of helped with these characters that I was having these feelings. So it all worked.”

The actress also doesn’t shy away from baring it all in Love After Love, telling THR that “nudity was very important” to director Russell Harbaugh.

“It’s almost like we’re revealing our souls to people,” she said. “My nudity is nothing to get too excited about. It’s really just a mature woman. It’s a way of seeing her pain as well and it is truly revealing her soul and also being with a man and what that feels like after a husband is gone, and finally learning to enjoy being with a man. So the nudity was very important and I had not done it in the past. This really called for it.”

But if anyone is still holding out for a MacDowell and Bill Murray reunion in a Groundhog Day reboot, the actress said that’s never going to happen.

“People always say, ‘Let’s do Groundhog Day again.' First of all, Bill Murray’s never going to do it, so you can forget that,” said MacDowell. “I know him. He’s not going to do it.”