Andie MacDowell, Ellen Pompeo Fete New Tamara Mellon x A.L.C. Collaboration

Owen Kolasinski/ of Tamara Mellon
Tamara Mellon, Andie MacDowell and Andrea Lieberman

Pompeo’s husband Chris Ivery, Mickey Sumner, Logan Browning, Olivia Holt, Camilla Belle and multiple Hollywood fashion stylists turned up at the San Vicente Bungalows to celebrate the new footwear line.

A power fashion crowd packed the private upstairs room at San Vincente Bungalows on Wednesday evening, July 25, for an intimate dinner to celebrate the forthcoming collaboration between two Hollywood-loved brands: Tamara Mellon footwear and the fashion brand A.L.C. from star fashion stylist-turned-designer Andrea Lieberman (who once counted Gwen Stefani, Ellen Pompeo and Jennifer Lopez as clients).

“It’s Jennifer’s birthday today so I texted her; it’s so nice to see her evolve into her life and have continued success,” Lieberman told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m so genuinely incredibly happy and enamored with her still, to this day!”

Pompeo and her husband, Chris Ivery, along with actresses Andie MacDowell, Logan Browning, Olivia Holt, Camilla Belle, and Sting and Trudie Styler’s daughter Mickey Sumner joined star stylists Petra Flannery, Jason Rembert, Tara Swennen, Jessica Paster, Ade Samuel, Jamie Mizrahi, Erica Cloud, Micah Schifman, Lindsey Dupuis Bledsoe and styling duo Wayman Bannerman and Micah McDonald, among others, at the soirée.

The new five-piece Tamara Mellon x A.L.C. collection ($475 to $995, available to preorder now to deliver Aug. 1) includes one D’Orsay pump style in black leather and zebra- or leopard-print haircalf and a mid-calf boot in black suede or the zebra pattern — all with a signature conical heel. The line marks Lieberman’s second shoe collaboration, following a limited-edition riff on the Nike Cortez in three colors in August 2017.

“I feel like I’m at a certain point in my life that the 200 pairs of heels that I have just aren’t relevant,” said Lieberman. “I’m looking for a comfortable, stylish shoe that’s going to take me from dropping the kids off at school in the morning to going to my studio, having a business lunch, going out for a drink and then going home. If I’m not wearing a sandal and I’m not wearing a Nike, what am I wearing in the daytime? We collectively felt that that was something missing in the market. The lower conical heel is easy to wear every day. It’s not a slipper or a slide because, honestly, as a 50-year-old woman, I want to feel put together.”

Lieberman first met Mellon when she was styling and stopped by the Jimmy Choo Oscars suite. (Mellon co-founded that company but exited in 2011 and founded her namesake line in 2013). “I remember Andrea when she was a giant stylist working with J. Lo!” said Mellon. “We were so excited when she came to the suite, that must have been 15 years ago. I love her aesthetic. I love her style. So here we are doing a collaboration together. We talked about, being working women, what do we want to wear that we can run around in and go to the office and still look chic and cool? And we’re both obsessed with leopard print.”

Lieberman said of Mellon: “Tamara is a trailblazer and has inspired me in so many ways. I was completely enamored with her for years and then, when I started my brand and it evolved to a certain place and she started hers, I thought there was such an unbelievable synergy. I felt like we had very much the same customer and a lot of the same challenges in life as women, as leaders in our business, as creatives, as founders, as parents. And we really bonded. There’s so much depth beyond just a shoe; there’s a true friendship. It was just so effortless. We weren’t necessarily trying to make a fashion statement; we’re trying to make women’s lives better and to make her feel powerful with a shoe.”

Browning, who stars in Dear White People, said of the new collaboration: “It’s wild, it’s fun. It feels feminine and strong and empowering.” 

“We work with both brands individually and so we’re excited to see how they collided and forcefully came together because we think it will be really cool, really fashion-forward, and pieces that we can utilize in the day-to-day and red carpet lives of our clients,” added Bannerman, who works with Regina King, Regina Hall, Mary J. Blige and Tessa Thompson.

Pompeo reminisced on her past styling partnership with Lieberman, before A.L.C. was founded in 2009. “The last thing we worked on together was a dress with Donatella [Versace] for the Met Ball; it was before I had my daughter, so maybe it was 2007. It was the most incredible dress ever and one of the worst, most embarrassing moments of my life. At the last minute, the show would not give me the day off to go to New York and attend the Met Ball. So Donatella did this amazing dress for me (it was turquoise and massive and gorgeous) and then I couldn’t get the OK from work to travel. I never even saw the dress!”

The Grey’s Anatomy star added that she was sad to lose Lieberman as a stylist, but happy for her business success. And that Lieberman had generously given her husband, Ivery, sage advice during his recent relaunch of the classic Italian sportswear brand Sergio Tacchini as STLA.

“I’ve known Tamara for many, many years and have worn her shoes for as long as I can remember,” said Belle. “I think it’s a wonderful precedent to set that two female designers who have their own brands can come together and create something so beautiful.” 

Holt agreed: “These women coming together to collaborate is honestly so special, because they’re both powerhouses and have very eclectic, effortlessly cool moments on their own. So coming together it’s an even bigger, brighter, special moment.”