Andie MacDowell, Patrick Gibson Set for Addiction Drama 'Good Girl Jane'

Good Girl Jane
Courtesy of Jake Saner

Newcomer Rain Spencer leads the cast for the film from Sarah Elizabeth Mintz and Astute Films.

Andie MacDowell and The OA star Patrick Gibson are set to star in Good Girl Jane, which wrapped filming in Los Angeles this week following a 2020 production shutdown due to the pandemic.

Newcomer Rain Spencer leads the cast as a lonely young girl that falls hard for a charming drug dealer and becomes entangled in his meth ring run by Los Angeles teens.

Sarah Elizabeth Mintz makes her feature debut on the Astute Films project. Odessa A’Zion (Grand Army), Jules Lorenzo (Betty), Olan Prenatt (Mid90s), Diego Chiat, Eloisa Huggins and Gale Harold round out the cast with musical artists Yeek and Shakewell.

Astute Films’ Dominique Telson, Fred Bernstein and Simone Williams produced the film, along with Lauren Pratt. Rick Jackson acts as executive producer.

“Drug abuse and depression are afflictions stigmatized by society due to misconception, fear and shame,” said Mintz. “As a person who has struggled through these experiences, and grown stronger despite them, I am committed to telling a story which sheds light on the overwhelming reality of our 'sadness epidemic.'"

Good Girl Jane speaks not only to this generation but to generations to come — and their families,” said Telson. “We have seen many films about drug addiction, but Sarah Mintz has given us unique insight into the alienation, loneliness, sex, drugs and communal bonds that permeate the culture. It is a riveting ride packed with the kind of realism and truth that audiences will embrace,” added Bernstein.

The Golden Globe-nominated MacDowell, whose recent film credits include firefighter drama Only the Brave and Netflix’s The Last Laugh, is repped by Gersh. Gibson, repped by ICM Partners, has film credits that include The Darkest Minds and Tolkien.

Spencer is repped by Osbrink.  Mintz is repped by Exile Entertainment.