Andre Agassi Inducted into Tennis Hall of Fame (Video)

The athlete now joins wife Steffi Graf in the prestigious club.

After five years in retirement, former tennis champ Andre Agassi was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame on Saturday, July 9.

Agassi made the trek to Newport, Rhode Island to receive the honor. The eight-time Grand Slam champion thanked the sport for everything it's given him, though he admitted to sometimes resenting it. The 41-year old held the title of World No. 1 several times over the course of his career, but a series of injuries led him to retire in 2006. He remains the only male singles player in history to have won all four Grand Slam tournaments, an Olympic Gold medal, and the ATP World Championships.

Wife Steffi Graff, with whom Agassi championed the 1999 French Open, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2004. The couple currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with their two children.

Also honored on Saturday was 67-year old Fern "Peachy" Kellmeyer, who was the first woman to compete on a Division 1 Men's team at the University of Miami.

Agassi appears as himself in the TV documentary Andy Roddick Beat Me with a Frying Pan along with Andy Roddick, Mike Tyson, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and more. Based on the Todd Gallagher book, Frying Pan has been completed, but it remains to be seen where and if it will be broadcast.