This Is The Deal With Andre 3000's Coachella Overalls

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

We're used to seeing farmer clothes at Coachella, for sure. And the Outkast rapper wore a hipster one-piece to his Coachella performance on Friday night, too -- but it's what was underneath that's making us swoon.

Along with too-short cutoffs, crop tops and feather/flower combinations that appear to be something of a 1960s caricature, you could call overalls somewhat of a Coachella staple. And last night, Outkast's Andre 3000 (better known in film circles as Andre Benjamin) sported a pair of vintage workman overalls while headlining the first night of Coachella's first weekend. 

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In front of a crowd that included Benjamin's "idol" Prince (who technically enjoyed the show from backstage), the rapper/actor sang hits including "B.O.B.", "Rosa Parks" and "Roses," all while wearing the railroad striped one-piece. Underneath, the performer wore a tie-dyed T-shirt and -- wait for it -- a sweatshirt that, we're told, was "repping his son's high school." Darling. 

This isn't the first time this particular pair of overalls made an appearance on Benjamin, after debuting at a Compound event in Atlanta in January. But last November, the stylish singer got even crazier with the denim, opting for a pair of overalls over a chambray shirt that was topped with a jean jacket. Just like a little Canadian cherry.

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But back to Coachella. If only all festivalgoers could look that cool in their overalls and not like they were wearing hippie costumes that came from a plastic bag at the party store, the polo fields -- and the world -- would be a better place.