Patricia Heaton Pens Memoriam to Andrew Breitbart

Patricia Heaton Andrew Breitbart - H 2012
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Patricia Heaton Andrew Breitbart - H 2012

The conservative journalist who died Thursday was "the shoulder to cry on" who did everything with "a jolly chutzpah," writes the star of ABC's "The Middle."

"Andrew Breitbart was the shoulder to cry on, the coach who inspired, the leader who was fearless," according to Patricia Heaton, who penned a memoriam to the controversial journalist who passed away shortly after midnight Thursday.

Heaton, the star of ABC's The Middle and formerly of Everybody Loves Raymond, is perhaps the highest-profile of Hollywood's known conservatives to write of her association with Breitbart in any depth since his death at age 43.

"He did everything with such aplomb, with such joie de vivre, with such a jolly chutzpah that can only come from someone who is both Jewish and Irish!" Heaton wrote in a piece published Friday.

"Somehow he was able to be everywhere all at once, instantly responding to texts and emails, always ready to right a wrong, to stand up and fight for you."

By "you," Heaton meant the readers of Big Hollywood, a site Breitbart created for those in the TV and film industry who lean right politically.

Another actor weighing in at Big Hollywood was Robert Davi, best known for his tough-guy roles in Die Hard, License to Kill and The Goonies.

"Yes, dear friends, Andrew was a force of nature -- a Navy SEAL in journalism who would dive deep into periled waters to uncover the truth and remove the minefields of lies and misinformation," Davi wrote.

Also writing a memoriam at Big Hollywood was Five for Fighting pop star John Andrasik, who credited Breitbart for giving him the courage to admit he is a conservative in the liberal entertainment industry.

"Andrew had the back of those who worried about a backlash to their livelihood," wrote Ondrasik. "He was the bodyguard, the kid who stood up to the bullies. He was the bouncer you couldn't elbow out of the doorway."

"I loved Andrew Breitbart," Ondrasik wrote. "This is brutal."