Andrew Breitbart Doc Nears Rotten Tomatoes Record

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"Hating Breitbart," about the enemies conservative firebrand Andrew Breitbart made before his death in March, was previewed in August to an enthusiastic audience at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. "

The limited-release "Hating Breitbart" sports the biggest gap between the critics score and the audience score, the website says.

Hating Breitbart is a small documentary film, but it is poised to set a record at, where the gap between the critics score of 0 percent and the audience score of 96 percent is bigger than any other movie's.

While it's interesting, Rotten Tomatoes editor in chief Matt Atchity says not to read too much into the phenomenon, because Hating Breitbart is the kind of film that attracts politicos who are motivated to pump a film not on its merits but because they agree with its message.

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Rotten Tomatoes will consider Hating Breitbart, reviewed by eight critics so far, its official No. 1 in terms of its gap after two more review the movie -- assuming they review it negatively. Meanwhile, 551 audience members have enthused over the limited-release film.

Below are Rotten Tomatoes' official Top 8 movies with the biggest gap between the critics who hated them and audiences who loved them:

1. Broken Bridges, 2006. Toby Keith is a fading country singer. Burt Reynolds and Kelly Preston also star. (Critics score: 5 percent, audience score: 87 percent; difference: 82)

2. Modigliani, 2004. Andy Garcia plays a bitter rival of Pablo Picasso. (Critics score: 4 percent, audience score: 79.4 percent; difference: 75.4)

3. Scary Movie 5, 2013. Ashley Tisdale takes the lead in this horror film parody. (Critics score: 4 percent, audience score: 79.1 percent; difference 75.1)

4. Out Cold, 2001. It was billed as Animal House on ice, with Zach Galifianakis and Lee Majors. (Critics score: 8 percent, audience score: 82.3 percent; difference: 74.3)

5. The Boondock Saints, 1999. Willem Dafoe is a detective hunting down vigilantes who are killing mobsters. (Critics score: 20 percent, audience score: 92.9 percent; difference: 72.9)

6. Diary of a Mad Black Woman, 2005. The first film in Tyler Perry’s “Madea” series also stars Cicely Tyson. (Critics score: 15 percent, audience score: 87.7 percent; difference: 72.7)

7. Belly, 1998. DMX and Nas play thugs who each have their own version of a spiritual awakening. (Critics score: 13 percent, audience score: 85.6 percent; difference: 72.6)

8. Facing the Giants, 2006. A micro-budget Christian film about high school football. (Critics score: 13 percent, audience score: 83.5 percent; difference: 70.5)