Andrew Breitbart Targets Michael Moore In New Attack

Michael Moore Andrew Breitbart Split - H 2011
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Michael Moore Andrew Breitbart Split - H 2011

The conservative online provocateur who took down a sexting congressman has set his sights on the liberal documentary filmmaker.

Andrew Breitbart, famous for using the Internet to take down former Congressman Anthony Weiner and liberal organizations like ACORN, has Michael Moore in his crosshairs, metaphorically speaking.

Breitbart, seizing on Moore’s embrace of Occupy Wall Street and his denial that he’s among the richest 1 percent of Americans, has posted five photos of Moore’s lavish vacation home on Lake Torch in Michigan.

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The blogger-provocateur also included a copy of the Antrim County property tax assessment, though with the address redacted, and apparently Moore’s “summer tax amount” owed on the property is $15,849.

See photos of Moore’s vacation home here.

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“No one begrudges Moore his wealth, but it is deceitful for him to claim poverty while encouraging class warfare among other Americans,” Breitbart wrote beneath one of the photos. “It is also purely narcissistic and selfish for Moore to back radical and destructive socialist policies that would deny other Americans the opportunity to become as rich as he is.”

Breitbart posted the photos at one of his websites on Thursday and a link at the Drudge Report on Friday ensured that they spread like a virus on the Internet.

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Moore has been countering charges of hypocrisy ever since CNN’s Piers Morgan told him: “I need you to admit the bleeding obvious. I need you to sit here and say, ‘I’m in the 1 percent.’”

“How can I be in the 1 percent?” Moore countered. “Even though I do well, I don’t associate myself with those who do well. I am devoting my life to those who have less.” (Video below).

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On another occasion, a CBS reporter in Denver asked Moore: “Aren’t you part of the 1 percent?” and whether he was worth $50 million or not. Moore told him: “You’re just punk media. You lie. You lie to people. Stop lying.” (Video below).