Andrew Breitbart's Latest Crusade Involved Legal Action Against Keith Olbermann

Andrew Breitbart Cut Spending Now Rally - P 2012

Andrew Breitbart Cut Spending Now Rally - P 2012

In a radio interview broadcast after his death, Breitbart discusses conspiracies involving Michael Moore, MSNBC, Media Matters and even the White House.

Seventeen hours after Andrew Breitbart died, he was on the radio revealing his latest crusade against the mainstream media, one that involves legal action against Keith Olbermann, David Shuster and Current TV. The conservative rabble-rouser also described a bizarre tactic that he says his enemies had started deploying against him and other right-wing activists.

Breitbart appeared in a taped interview on The Hugh Hewitt Show, where he promoted a lawsuit that his colleague James O’Keefe has just filed against Current TV, Olbermann and Shuster claiming the three have libeled him.

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Breitbart told Hewitt during the interview broadcast Thursday that Current TV’s real target is him, not O’Keefe, and he claimed their attacks on him are a coordinated effort that also involves Michael Moore and MSNBC.

O’Keefe earned semi-notoriety posing as a pimp seeking business advice from the left-wing group ACORN in videos that were promoted by Breitbart. The sting operation led to the demise of ACORN. O'Keefe also is behind secretly taped videos that embarrassed NPR.

O’Keefe, though, was also arrested when a scheme involving phony telephone workers trying to gain access to private conversations at the office of Sen. Mary Landrieu went awry. The lawsuit, filed Wednesday, claims that Current TV personalities not only mischaracterize O’Keefe’s arrest record but also that they have reported, erroneously, that he is under investigation for rape.

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Breitbart said Current TV constantly refers to O’Keefe as a “convicted felon” over the Landrieu event.

“It’s simply not true,” Breitbart said. “He pleaded to a misdemeanor of pretending to be somebody that he’s not at a federal building. That’s basically what Borat does. That’s basically what Chevy Chase in Fletch did. He goes undercover.”

“Months ago,” Breitbart said, “David Shuster said publicly that James O’Keefe was a felon, and he was forced to retract it. For some reason, he started up again. … He also said that James O’Keefe is involved in an alleged rape plot.”

Olbermann slandered O’Keefe, according to the complaint, during his Countdown show on Current TV, and Shuster did likewise on another episode of the same show while filling in for Olbermann.

O’Keefe, Breitbart said, “is looking to stop this nonsense. This coordinated conspiracy that includes Media Matters, which has included MSNBC in the past, and has included the White House itself.”

“Imagine Nixon’s enemies’ list on steroids,” he said.

Phil Griffin, the head of MSNBC, has said that David Shuster is unethical, immoral and unprofessional. And that’s coming from MSNBC. He now works with Al Gore’s network,” Breitbart said.

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He also described an unusual tactic that he says the left has been using whereby perpetrators hack a phone and call 911 to report a murder at the home of their target.

“The person’s home is met with the guns drawn, the SWAT and the helicopters in a horrifying act,” Breitbart said. “It’s happened twice, once in New Jersey, once in Los Angeles with an L.A. city prosecutor who is associated with me. It sounds like a science-fiction novel, but it’s all provable.

He added: “They’re coordinating behind the scenes with people like Michael Moore and even Anonymous, as in the hackers at the highest levels of Occupy (Wall Street) who are breaking into police servers, hacking and taking information and disseminating this. They’re No. 1 target, I have been told by law enforcement, is Andrew Breitbart.”

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Hear the radio interview, originally broadcast on KRLA-AM in Los Angeles on Wednesday and replayed Thursday, here.

See the complaint filed against Current TV, Olbermann and Shuster here.