Andrew Dice Clay Talks About His 'Entourage' Role and Possible Return to the Stage

When Entourage returns on Sunday, July 24, on HBO, the boys - particularly Johnny Drama - will have a new co-hort: comic Andrew Dice Clay, playing himself, as Johnny's co-star voicing the animated ape comedy Johnny Bananas. But Dice Clay, no shrinking violet, causes all kinds of chaos - not unlike the real Dice Clay, who's alter-ego was a macho, chauvinist jerk who was also the perfect narcissist.

THR's Merle Ginsberg spoke to Dice Clay about his new role on Entourage, why he disappeared for a decade, and who's taking over his mantle of bad boy badass comedy star. 

THR: So - Dice Man - where have you been for the last decade?
ADC: What happens with me, either I’m doin nuthin', or when something happens, it’s everything. Not being around this past decade – well, I’m writing a book about that. I’ve been raising my two sons, Max and Dylan. I wasn’t really interested in my career for a long time; I did a bit of club work, but not much else. We all go through some personal stuff. Even the Dice Man. I went  through a break up with wife ten years ago - after that, I really needed a break. Things were tough then, I actually cancelled a tour. When  things aren’t good at home, I can't take on the world. 

THR: How on earth did you wind up getting cast on Entourage?
ADC: I was sitting in Starbuck's one day, and this guy Bruce Rubinstein comes walking up – last time I saw Bruce was fifteen years in Golds Gym on Cole. He'd worked with Mickey Rourke for years.  He says, Dice, where’d you go? You were the biggest comic in the world, then you disappear. He says, "Why don’t you do walk on on Entourage? Doug Ellin loves you, he’s emailing with me right now, and he walks to have a meeting with you today." So me and Bruce go next day to meet Doug – I’d met him a few years ago. I thought, great if I get a little thing on there. Next thing you know, Doug calls me, another meeting, then a bunch of emails. Doug was in the audience of my HBO special fifteen years ago – he was a struggling comic.  So Doug still has me in a place mentally where I'm the biggest comic in the world. He said, “I want to blow you through the roof – it’s stupid you’re not out there.” 

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THR: Now you're a regular on the last season.
ADC: Yeah, it's so cool. But I didn’t know any of the guys. I didn't know what to expect. But I’d never worked on a set there was more harmony. Producers, crew, the cast. Doug said, “We’re easy here.” I was so used to battles everywhere I went.

THR: So what do you expect to come of this break?
ADC: Not one frame has aired of Entourage yet, and I’m getting all kinds of crazy offers. The first time I made it took ten years, and I had blinders on. I I thought I’d be one of the biggest movie stars in the world. This time around, as life unfolds, I appreciate it so much more. I've had a bad marriage, people passing away – pot holes. It’s been fifteen years since my last HBO special. 

THR: Sounds like you're prepping for another go at stardom.
ADC: Well, you never know. I'm getting huge offers to do stand up in major arenas. I've started getting my body in shape again, I want to look good. I’m the Rocky Balboa of stand up. To face my audiences again you gotta be strong. Every show is a heavyweight bout. My audience is the craziest crowd ever – more than rock n’ roll. I want to show up prepared. This reminds of of when Rodney Dangerfield put me on a young comics special. I went from playing two hundred seat clubs to twenty thousand seats a night.

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THR: Will you be Dice the wild man again in this new incarnation?
ADC: That wasn't me. When you’re playing a character, a it's heightened version of yourself. On stage, my job is to outrage people to make them laugh. My roles models are Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and Sly Stallone. I’m not a druggie, a club goer. The only thing I ever liked was girls – that was my drug. I like to come home and watch Entourage with my sons.