Andrew Garfield Knows You Hate His Man Bun

Andrew Garfield

He kind of hates it, too.

If you haven't taken notice, Andrew Garfield has been rocking quite the, um, look recently. Between his bushy beard and his flowing, wild mane, the actor (whose grooming routine is generally more on the clean-cut side of things) has been almost unrecognizable, lost in a haze of auburn scruff. But as it turns out, the 32-year-old's 'do isn't of his choosing, or even of his liking.

"I hate [the bun]," Garfield recently told MTV News while promoting his upcoming movie, 99 Homes. "I absolutely hate it. Hair is hair. It's fine — I don't have anything against hair specifically. It's more the furor that surrounds it … it's stupid."

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The actor explains that his current caveman-inspired cut is due to his filming schedule and strict hair requirements. But the look is not without its repellant-related perks.

"I don't think [the bun and facial hair] look good on me, these things," he said. "I think that's probably one of the reasons why I like keeping them, because we're in a culture right now which is — everyone has an opinion. I know that people don't like how I look. It's like a repellent. There's a little bit of me that's like, 'F— it. I'll look like this.' I had a big beard last year as well, and people were like, 'What the f— is that beard?' So I think it may just be a little bit of a, 'Oh, you don't like it? Good.' "

We knew there was a reason we loved him.