Andrew Garfield, Stevie Nicks, Taylor Lautner Display Their Hidden Talents for James Corden

Hidden Talents Taylor Lautner -Grapes-Screen shot-H 2017
Courtesy of The Late Late Show with James Corden

Who knew catching grapes in your mouth "from any distance and at any velocity" could be so entertaining?

James Corden showed viewers another side of Andrew Garfield, Kendall Jenner, Stevie Nicks and Taylor Lautner on Tuesday's The Late Late Show, as he had the celebrities reveal their hidden talents.

Garfield wore a red tracksuit to proudly display his gymnastics skills. Jenner strolled out and very believably chirped like a bird.

Nicks introduced herself as Stephanie Nicks, a "struggling singer" who was "reborn in San Francisco in 1969." Nicks twirled her baton like pro — until she accidentally hit herself in the head with it at the end of her impressive performance.

When it was Lautner's turn he proclaimed, "I can catch grapes in my mouth from any distance and at any velocity." Corden helped him out by throwing grapes in his direction, with Lautner catching the grapes and then pushing Corden to throw them from an even greater distance.

"You'll never do this," Corden said, laughing as he stood toward the back of the theater. "You might need to overhand it," responded Lautner. Watch to see the grand finale.