Andrew Lloyd Webber offering free tickets

Laid-off Lehman Bros. staffers can claim tickets until Oct. 15

LONDON -- It might be small consolation to the estimated 5,000 London staffers of bankrupt investment bank Lehman Bros. who lost their jobs Monday, but impresario Andrew Lloyd Webber is offering free theater tickets to pink-slipped employees between now and Oct. 15.

Bank staff who are able to produce a bank P45 form -- the U.K. employment document handed out to those who have been fired -- dated after Sept. 1 will be eligible for free tickets to Lloyd Webber shows "The Sound of Music" and "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" -- subject, of course, to availability.

"Both 'The Sound of Music' and 'Joseph' are feel-good shows, and I thought that free tickets might offer some respite, albeit for a couple of hours, for some of those people who have sadly lost their jobs in the current economic upheaval," Lloyd Webber said. "All you have to do is present your P45 as proof at the boxoffice and two free tickets are yours."

Tickets are available for Monday-Thursday performances, and claims must be made in person.