Andrew Luster, Max Factor Heir and Convicted Rapist, Gets Reduced Prison Sentence

Andrew Luster Mugshot - P 2013

Andrew Luster Mugshot - P 2013

The cosmetics heir -- a one-time fugitive captured by Duane "Dog" Chapman -- will serve 50 years in prison instead of the original 124-year sentence.

If the story of Max Factor cosmetics heir Andrew Luster reads like a Lifetime movie, that's because it actually was one in 2003, when the network debuted A Date With Darkness: The Trial and Capture of Andrew Luster. 

The true story told the tale of Luster's stunning crimes, capture and eventual conviction for three rapes between 1996-2000, when the Las Vegas native drugged three women, raped them when they were unconscious and caught it all on tape. In the midst of his 2003 rape trial, he fled to Mexico, where he surfed and generally lived it up until later that same year, when Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman (along with his camera crew) caught the multimillionaire fugitive and brought him back to California to begin serving a 124-year prison term. 

On Tuesday, Luster's saga continued when he was resentenced to 50 years from his original 124-year term by Superior Court Judge Kathryne Ann Stoltz, who, according to the AP, granted the resentencing hearing in the first place because the court "failed to state specific reasons for imposing full consecutive sentences" as the law requires. 

Currently 49 years old, Luster — who is a great-grandson of movie makeup pioneer Max Factor — will be well into his 90s when he is released.