Andro Steinborn leaves X Filme

Head of Berlin-based production house since 2006

BERLIN -- Andro Steinborn has resigned from Berlin-based production house X Filme Creative Pool and its co-production arm X Filme International.

As head of X Filme International since its launch in 2006, Steinborn was responsible for such international co-productions as Julie Delpy's "The Countess," Michael Haneke's English-language remake of "Funny Games" and the Nelson Mandela biopic "Goodbye Bafana" from Billie August.

He originally joined X Filme Creative Pool -- the production company run by Tom Tykwer, Dani Levy, Wolfgang Becker and producer Stefan Ardnt -- in 1998 as head of legal and business affairs.

Steinborn said he was leaving in order to devote more time to his own projects.
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