Andy Cohen Slammed for "Jackhole" Comment: Bravo "Has Profited" from Black Women Stereotypes

Andy Cohen, Amandla Stenberg Split - H 2015
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Andy Cohen, Amandla Stenberg Split - H 2015

"For years, Bravo has unapologetically profited from stereotypical images of Black women," says

Andy Cohen is in more hot water for indirectly referring to Amandla Stenberg as a "jackhole" on his Watch What Happens Live show.

After the Bravo host put a spotlight on the Hunger Games star during his late-night program this weekend — calling her feud with Kylie Jenner a "jackhole" and subsequently prompting a #BoycottBravo trend — the executive director of, Rashad Robinson, has weighed in, releasing a scathing statement about Cohen and his network:

"Andy Cohen's offensive and completely tone-deaf reaction to Amandla Stenberg's decision to take a stand against cultural appropriation is no surprise," Robinson said in a statement. "For years, Bravo has unapologetically profited from stereotypical images of Black women. So of course he didn't understand the cultural context of Stenberg's comments; he and his colleagues at Bravo simply don't care.

"This latest stunt — calling a 16-year-old Black girl a ‘jackhole’ — only further attests to the incredibly hostile stance Bravo has taken towards Black women and girls. An apology is not enough; Andy Cohen and Bravo need to make a public commitment to clean up their act, and no longer profit from violent, stereotypical images of Black women on their network."

Cohen spotlighted Stenberg during his "Jackhole of the Day" segment of his show, referencing Stenberg's Instagram feud with Kylie Jenner over the cornrow hairstyle Jenner debuted this weekend.

"Today’s Jackhole goes to the Instagram feud between Kylie Jenner and Hunger Games star/Jaden Smith’s prom date Amandla Stenberg who criticized Kylie for her cornrows, calling it cultural appropriation."

Cohen then directed the show-closing question to his guests, Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox and Vogue's Andre Leon Talley: "White girls in cornrows ... is it OK or nay, Laverne or Andre?”

Bravo and Cohen have yet to respond to Robinson's statement directly, but after the Watch What Happens Live episode aired, Cohen issued an apology online, saying, "I want to apologize to Amandla. I didn't understand the larger context of this cultural discussion and TRULY meant no disrespect to her or anyone else. ... To clarify, I gave the jackhole to an online feud & certainly not to the topic or to any individual. I ironically hate online feuds."

Stenberg posted her initial criticism on Jenner's Instagram, writing: "When you appropriate black features and culture but fail to use your position of power to help black Americans by directing attention towards your wigs instead of police brutality or racism #whitegirlsdoitbetter." She then followed up with a longer explanation on Twitter.

fail to use your position of power to help black Americans by directing attention towards your wigs," Amandla Stenberg wrote about Jenner."]

Laverne Cox also weighed in more on Tumblr after the show: "The topic of cultural appropriation needs way more than the 10 seconds or less I had to respond at the end of the show to fully unpack. ... We live in a multi-cultural society where being influenced by cultures different from ours is inevitable. But when the traditions and practices of marginalized communities are used by those in power and the material conditions of those who are marginalized are not changed individually and systemically this is when cultural appropriation is deeply problematic and even potentially exploitative."