Andy Kindler: "I Have Sympathy For Charlie Sheen"

Charlie Sheen, Tracey Morgan, Kevin James and Dr. Drew became punchlines Friday during Andy Kindler's industry address at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal.

MONTREAL -- Stand-up comic Andy Kindler sympathizes with a potty-mouthed Charlie Sheen, just not with people who were left disappointed by his recent concert tour.

“I have sympathy for Charlie Sheen, even though he says terrible things. But what’s worse than paying to see Charlie Sheen: complaining afterwards. That didn’t seem very organized. That guy’s all over the map,” Kindler said Friday during his annual State of the Industry address at the Just For Laughs comedy conference in Montreal.

Kindler, who played to a room full of industry executives and fellow comics, also poked fun at Tracey Morgan’s recent homophobic rant.

“The thing that makes me angry is people try to excuse what Tracey Morgan was saying on stage because he’s on stage. In other words, Hitler was hilarious when he was ranting at the Berlin Funny Bowl. He was on stage,” he said.

Kindler, who fancies himself the comedy industry’s ombudsman, also took aim at comic-turned-movie star Kevin James: “My cat handed me a note the other day and said he’s fully capable of speaking but he’s afraid I’ll turn into a Kevin James vehicle.”

Kindler added he had his own dilemma when The Dilemma, starring Kevin James and Vince Vaughan, came out on release.

“I thought, should I not see this in the movie theatre, or should I wait to avoid it when it comes out on cable? Should I shut my electricity off to avoid any mix-ups,” he said, leaving the capacity conference audience in stitches.

This year’s state of the industry address, eagerly awaited by fest-goers for witnessing Kindler chomp on the industry hand that feeds him, had its usual targets: Jay Leno, Larry the Cable Guy and Jimmy Fallon.

But Kindler also lobbed a hand grenade at British funnyman Eddie Izzard for doing a stand-up show in the German language: “I’m not making this up. Haven’t the Germans suffered enough?”

And George Lopez was also skewered in Montreal: “Did you know that George Lopez has to have a physical comedy check up every year to make sure his bulging eyes don’t get out of control. Good news George. Got your blood work back. You’re 100% humour free. There’s no longer any comedy in your blood stream.”

Also left as a mini-kebab on Kindler’s Just For Laughs barbecue was Drew Pinsky, or TV’s Dr. Drew.

“Shouldn’t he be investigated? He’s profiting from misery. Next Fall Dr. Drew has a show coming out: Overdosing with the Stars," Kindler joked.

The Just For Laughs comedy festival continues through Sunday.