EXCLUSIVE: Andy Romanoff Joins AbelCine

The industry vet, whose 50-year career includes nearly two decades at Panavision, will focus on industry relations and business development at the newly rebranded production services and technology supplier.

Industry vet Andy Romanoff -- whose career in motion pictures spans almost 50 years and includes nearly two decades with Panavision -- has joined production services and technology supplier AbelCine to focus on industry relations and business development.

Romanoff joins the company as AbelCine -- previously known as Abel Cine Tech -- introduces a rebranding. The company maintains offices in the Burbank, Chicago and New York areas. An expansion in Manhattan will include a new learning center, larger technical shop with upgraded equipment and an independent product development department.

Romanoff told The Hollywood Reporter that his primary focus would be Vision Research's Phantom 65mm and hi-speed cameras.

"I am particularly excited by this opportunity to help bring the Phantom 65mm into the world," he said. "For too many years, the image quality of the 65mm format has been for the most part unseen, hobbled by the cost of large format film and the size constraints of 65mm cameras. For serious filmmakers, the promise of the Phantom 65mm is truly remarkable images at a much more affordable price."

The industry vet began his career as a cameraman, then worked as a designer, inventor and businessman. 

In recent years, he served as executive vp technical marketing and strategy at Panavision and president of Panavision Remote Systems. He retired from that role roughly a year ago.

Romanoff designed the first commercially available time code system intended for multi-camera filming. He also designed Concertcom, an integrated monitoring, timing and communications system for filming of concerts and events. He helped introduce the Academy Award-winning Louma cranes to the U.S., trained the first generation of Louma technicians and supervised Louma operations on over 50 films including 1941 and War Games.

Romanoff holds several patents bearing directly on more efficient camera use in filmmaking. He invented adjustable automatic backpan compensation, designed to permit cameramen greater freedom of movement on remote head shots and reduce the number of rehearsals and retakes; and the fourth axis head, aimed at permitting the camera to essentially see right and left when pointed straight down. Another Romanoff invention is the HandyHead, a small remote head used to create camera movement in hazardous or very confined spaces.

Romanoff is an associate member of the American Society of Cinematographers, a member of the Society of Operating Cameramen, a member of AMPAS, and he currently serves on the Academy's Scientific and Technical awards committee.