Andy Rooney: 10 Curmudgeonly Tweets From Web Imitators

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UPDATED: The veteran "60 Minutes" commentator signed off from the program Sunday but his fake Twitter accounts continue.

Longtime 60 Minutes commentator Andy Rooney signed of the CBS news program Sunday. The 92-year-old writer had been a regular contributor to the series since 1968 and said that that his retirement was a moment he wasn't looking forward to: "This is a moment I have dreaded," he said. "I wish I could do this forever."

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Rooney penned more than 12 books in his lifetime and as well as some 1,000 60 Minutes segments. He said Sunday that he wrote his essays for the program on a typewriter, and imitators have taken that as an opening to pose as him online for years.

One of Rooney's fake accounts appears to have been started in 2009 and was frequently ignored. When this "Rooney" did weigh in he wrote with the same tone of his 60 Minutes broadcasts, addressing everything from Hollywood to technology to his lack of tweeting to everyday complaints. Another, called BlueAndy Rooney, takes what sounds like a comment from Rooney and gives it a foul-mouthed twist.

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Here are 10 Rooney-esque tweets from his fake accounts:

1. Jan. 17, 2009: My great grandson is coming over tomorrow to attach my Twitter to my phone. Luckily, we recently got rid of our rotary and got a touchtone.

2. Aug. 8, 2011: America wouldn't be in this debt crisis if they paid for everything with checks like I do.

3. Sept. 29, 2011: I'm selling my desk. Comes with all the s**t in it & a book of stamps. You carry the f**ker out.

4. Feb. 23, 2009: I always find the applause during the dead celebrities segment of the Oscars tacky. I'd be proud if no one clapped for me.

5. Jan 17, 2009: I'm not sure why Hollywood has so many awards shows. I haven't seen a movie worthy of an award since The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse.

6. Sept. 15, 2011: Librarians don't "shhhhh" people anymore, and that's too bad because there are more loud a**holes around than ever before.

7. Feb. 25, 2009: I bought a new pair of pants today. My first since 1994.

8. May 4, 2009: The numbers on the side of the twitter page are helpful to a compulsive counter like myself. Has it really only been 47 updates?

9. Aug. 30, 2011: Like a lot of people I dream, but mine are all variations on the movie Sharkey's Machine.

10. Jan. 25, 2009: Not as many people go to church anymore. I blame the youtubes.


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