Andy Rooney's Son Speaks: 'He was amazingly in-character his entire life'

Andy Rooney Headshot - P 2011
Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images

Andy Rooney Headshot - P 2011

The "60 Minutes" personality, whose segment of complaints about life's little annoyances ran for 33 years on the show, died Nov. 4 at the age of 92.

60 Minutes personality Andy Rooney, who was known for his current-events themed rants on the weekly newsmagazine, died at the age of 92, Friday, Nov. 4.

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And, according to his son, Brian Rooney, the man viewers saw on their television screens each Sunday night, was the same man his family saw around their home.

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"I always tell people it's the same act that ran at the other end of the dinner table," Brian who is a former ABC News correspondent, told CBS' The Early Show in an interview Monday. "He was amazingly in-character his entire life. ... I think there are so many people in television these days who have adapted this character in order to make themselves popular, and he became popular just by being himself." 

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The newsman was also known for his love of his job, working up until a month before his death. 

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"Yeah, he said, 'I am going to work until I die,'" Brain revealed. "And now, his death is somewhat of a coincidence. There was nothing that we knew of so severely wrong with him back in September. But he didn't ever want to quit. He was his work. But it just reached a point where he really needed to say good-bye to a television audience. You have to know when to leave the stage. My father probably stayed a little bit too long. But with some encouraging, we said, 'Time for a graceful good-bye.'"

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