Andy Rooney Signs Off: What Viewers Are Saying (Video)

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Some fans call his "60 Minutes" sign off "classic," while others say they will "miss" him.

Andy Rooney delivered his final regular 60 Minutes segment on Sunday.

He asked fans not to bug him for an autograph if they happen to spot him having dinner, and also reflected on his 33-year-career at CBS. The anchor, 92, also spoke about buying just one typewriter in 50 years, but "six or seven" computers.

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He also said he won't retire -- "writers never retire" -- and that he wished he could do the job "forever."

Here's what viewers are saying on Twitter:

I will miss Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes; his segment was the only thing that told me it was almost over so I could watch the next show

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@darabrooke: Im going to miss fast forwarding through the last 15 seconds of Andy Rooney on my dvrd Amazing Race

Classic. I wouldn't expect anything less. @editorev The Final ‘Few Minutes with Andy Rooney:’ #in

Andy Rooney retired?! Where will CBS find another racist grandpa to whimper about how things are changing?

Andy Rooney has left 60 Minutes, but his eyebrows will still be making a weekly appearance.

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Felt like 20th Century finally signed off last night. MT @DailyIntel: Andy Rooney ... @60Minutes sign-off

What an amazing career, 92 wow! @nprnews Andy Rooney Says Goodbye

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Although he's leaving 60 Minutes, Andy Rooney says writers never retire

Will miss Andy RT @thedailybeast: Andy Rooney Signs Off '60 Minutes': “I wish I could do this forever,” #cheatsheet

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The_Moon_Sucks and is a real jerk.
No more Andy Rooney or Larry King impersonations?!?! WHAT. ARE. WE. GOING. TO. DO!!!

juneluvisi June Luvisi
If you see Andy Rooney eating in a restaurant, walk on by, per his request. (Tho he worked 50 yrs. to become famous) Luv that man!

TimVanderburg Tim Vanderburg
Mickey Rooney is 91. Andy Rooney is 92. I don't fear death, but "Tim Rooney" will be the name of this Twitter account after 1 more legality.

Wow 92 n retiring, LOL Rooney to the end! RT @nprnews: Andy Rooney Says Goodbye