Andy Samberg Impersonates Nicolas Cage at Harvard Class Day (Video)

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The "Saturday Night Live" comedian teased the graduates that their degrees "are useless as of tomorrow."

Saturday Night Live funnyman Andy Samberg addressed a crowd of graduating seniors at Harvard today, as part of their Class Day festivities that included a speech by U.S. congressman (and Harvard alumnus) Barney Frank.

Samberg "slew his audience," according to Harvard Magazine, in a speech that began with some feigned confusion over whether or not he was receiving an honorary degree (he wasn't), and included a list of majors that “are useless as of tomorrow,” including “anything that ends in ‘Studies.’” The future looked sunnier for math and science majors, on the other hand, who Samberg declared were "cool -- finally."

The address also included a special message from Samberg's Weekend Update alter ego, Nicolas Cage. Co-star Seth Meyers asked on his Twitter feed, "Hey, Harvard, how did Samberg do at your Class Day today? I'm guessing he killed it."

Watch Samberg's full speech in this video and decide for yourself.

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