Andy Samberg Parodies Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook f8 Conference (Video)

Samberg jokes Facebook has "more [members] than the cast of 'Glee'" and that he put "a bullet in the back of [MySpace's] skull."

Impersonating Mark Zuckerberg, Andy Samberg gave the keynote address at the fourth annual Facebook f8 Developer Conference Thursday.

"I'm going to start by focusing on key issues. First: authentic identity. And under this sweatshirt are rock solid, cut and greased abs!" joked Samberg.

"Now let's get to the part where I brag about user growth," he went on, adding that the site was growing so fast "that honestly we just stopped counting you guys. We've got more people than the population of Europe, more people than in the cast of Glee, even more people that claim they came up with Facebook. Burn!"

He then joked about MySpace, saying he put a "bullet in the back of it's skull… kidding, kidding… not kidding."

Charlie Sheen also came up. "We're switching the focus from user growth to user engagement… [like] when Charlie Sheen gets married. Kidding! He abuses drugs a lot…"

Samberg also introduced the "Slow Poke," which takes 24 hours to get to its user, showed off Zuckerberg's new dog, Beast, and flashed a shirtless photo of himself captioned "Zuck Dawg!"

As he was singing about trail mix, the real Zuckerberg game out. "Andy, what the hell are you doing?"

They went back and forth about who was who -- "I'm wearing a hoodie, flip flops -- classic Zuck Dog!" Then Samberg joked, "Sometimes I want to be you Mark. I want to take your face… off."

Samberg also impersonated several other "Bergs," including The Social Network's Jesse Eisenberg and Mark Wahlberg.

Before leaving the stage, Zuckerberg wished Samberg good luck on this weekend's premiere of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Alec Baldwin.

"I'm probably going to phone it in. I used all my good stuff on this," deadpanned Samberg.

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