'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' 'Ellen DeGeneres' Correspondents Take on Emmys

Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube; TheEllenShow

Andy Zenor spoke with stars on the red carpet, while Guillermo Rodriguez talked to a number of winners and nominees after the ceremony.

Both Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Kimmel sent people from their respective talk shows to cover the Emmys on Monday night.

DeGeneres sent producer Andy Zenor, who wore a white suit with the host's face all over it, to speak to a number of the attendees as they arrived on the gold carpet.

The first people Zenor spoke to were Zach Woods and Thomas Middleditch from Silicon Valley. After Zenor asked how the two actors were, Middleditch responded, "I'm pretty good. Even better now that I'm in proximity to that suit." Woods added, "I'm relieved that I didn't wear that suit."

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake then joined Zenor for an interview. "Did Ellen make that?" asked Timberlake about Zenor's outfit. The camera then showed that in addition to the jacket, Zenor was wearing white shorts with DeGeneres' face on them and boots. "Yeah," he answered.

Zenor challenged Biel to name three things that you can squeeze in five seconds. "Lemons, limes, butts," she said. Timberlake then listed off three things you spend the most time washing in the shower. "Lemons, limes and butts," he quickly responded.

Later in the clip, the married couple was asked to name three activities that are best with a duo. "Sex, sex, sex," shouted Biel. "Check, please," said Timberlake.

Rachel Brosnahan joined Zenor to list off the three things that turn her off. "Loud chewing, lots of knife usage, cats," she said.

Project Runway's Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn played a round of Never Have I Ever with Zenor. After the interviewer asked if they have ever intentionally given someone the wrong phone number, they both revealed that they had.

Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon were next to play the game. The Saturday Night Live stars were asked if they ever hit on someone while on a date with someone else. While McKinnon answered that she has not, Bryant went back and forth before responding, "I don't know. I mean, I live to flirt, baby."

Issa Rae and Trevor Noah are later seen taking shots while not knowing if they are drinking vodka or water. Both players ended up taking shots of vodka.

Jimmy Kimmel enlisted his sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez to work the awards show. "Our very own Guillermo was there to interview the winners as only he can: back to back," said Kimmel before introducing the clip.

The clip begins with Rodriguez and Darren Criss sitting back to back. "Back to back. Back to Guillermo town," the two sang as they sat back to back while holding up mirrors so that they could see their reflections. After stating that he's hungry, Rodriguez tried to give the Emmy winner a piece of beef jerky. "I may spit this out, but not because I don’t appreciate your generosity," Criss said.

Tiffany Haddish then joined Rodriguez, who said her dress looked like a rainbow. "Would you like to taste a rainbow?" he asked before handing her a bowl of Skittles. After eating the candy, he offered her a drink, which she poured on the ground before pretending to swallow.

John Mulaney was next to join Rodriguez. "Let's take a skull-fie. It's like a selfie, but with the skull," said Rodriguez. "Oh, nice," responded Mulaney. "I'm using a medicated shampoo, so I feel good about it."

Rodriguez later offered tequila to Bill Hader, but he declined. "I'm a part of this anonymous group of people who used to drink a lot and like drinking, but they don't drink anymore, so I don't do that," he said while holding his Emmy. After being offered Skittles, Hader responded, "No, I'm trying to cut back. I'm a part of this group, it's an anonymous group. We don't eat candy and things like that."

First-time Emmy winner Henry Winkler refused to donate his statue to charity when he sat down with Rodriguez. "I'm not donating my Emmy to anybody," he said. Rodriguez said it was too late and they already put his Emmy in a box to be donated to dogs. "It's for dogs? I like dogs. I've got a lot of dogs. I'm gonna give it to my dogs."

Brosnahan later jokingly agreed to donate her Emmy to the Emmy-less dogs. "To every dog who has never won an Emmy, this is for you," she said.

Penelope Cruz then joined Rodriguez, and the two chatted in Spanish. After offering her Skittles, Rodriguez asked if she would like a head massage. "Do you know how many hours it took to do my hair?" she asked. "I don't want it." She then offered to give him a massage before patting his head.

The segment concluded with Rodriguez asking Hader how many chickens it would take to kill an elephant. "375, but if they're big chickens," he answered after a moment of thinking. "Guillermo, I thought you were a real f---ing moron, but that's a really smart question."