Angelina Jolie prevented from filming in Bosnia

Government wants to see screenplay for directorial debut.

Angelina Jolie's permit to film her directorial debut in Bosnia has been revoked by the country's culture minister until he receives the screenplay, the BBC reported Thursday.

The minister, Gavrilo Grahovac, said the permit has been rejected, because no screenplay had been attached to the application, as required by law. "They no longer have the authorization to shoot in Bosnia," he said in a radio interview, according to the BBC.

The decision came after objections from an association of female victims of the Bosnian war. The untitled film project reportedly tells the story of a Serbian man and Bosnian woman who fall in love in the middle of the 1992-1995 war.

However, the BBC said that it was reported in Bosnia that the love story would be between a Serbian rapist and his Muslim victim. The Women Victims of War association argued the movie would be "misleading history".

The culture minister said the movie could get a new permit "if they send us the scenario with a story, which will be different from what we have been told by people who read it."

Jolie wrote to the women's group last week to reassure them about the film, according to the BBC. It also said a representative for the film said that a script has now been sent to the culture ministry.