Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker Reap the Benefits of Being Fashion Savvy

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Both make Forbes' highest-paid actress list based on more than their craft.

Fashion is playing an increasingly big part in the money that actresses earn...

Forbes magazine's latest ranking of actresses' incomes ties Angelina Jolie with Sarah Jessica Parker, saying each made somewhere around $30 million last year -- both earning some of their large income from their fashion deals.

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Jolie made money on two films, Salt and The Tourist, but also on her Louis Vuitton print ad campaign. Parker earned coin from Sex and the City reruns, but also from her role as Chief Creative Office of Halston Heritage.

Interestingly, they are probably the top two actresses that designers compete to dress -- and who appear the most iconic in terms of affecting fashion trends -- SJP in her flamboyant way, and Jolie in her more subtle one.