Angelina Jolie Tried Southern, British Accents for 'Kung Fu Panda' Role (Video)

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"Like most people, you hear your own voice and you think, 'Ugh,'" she says.

Angelina Jolie doesn't like her own voice, so when it came time to try out different voices for her Kung Fu Panda role, she took it to various extremes.

In an interview with MTV News at the Festival de Cannes on Wednesday, Jolie confirmed a rumor she'd tried out different voices and accents when auditioning for the role of feisty fighter panda Tigress.

"I did, I did," Jolie said. "I've never loved my own voice. Like most people, you hear your own voice and you think, 'Ugh.' So I came in and I was Mae West for a while. I was doing Southern, I was doing British, I was doing any accent I could come up with. Finally, they had to give me the talking-to that they'd analyzed my voice and they'd hired me and they were very fine with my [natural voice], 'So please just stop doing those horrible voices,' " she added, laughing.

Jolie reprises her role for the Kung Fu Panda sequel, which also stars Jack Black.

She told Entertainment Tonight that her six kids played a big role in her decision to sign on for the sequel.

"My kids love the first one so it was easy to say yes and try it another time," Jolie said. "The kids love kung fu. Two of my children are from Asia so they're very proud of the film in general. But my girls also really like having a tough girl. It's not about being a tough girl; Tigress just happens to be quite a strong woman so they like her dolls and they like her. ... It just makes me that much more confident and [makes me] want to do it."

The movie opens May 26.


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