Angelina Jolie Urges Help for Libyan Refugees


"We don't want to look back and find their deaths are on our hands," says the actress, who is currently in Kabul, Afghanistan.

With Angelina Jolie's most recent film, The Tourist, finished in theaters, she is focusing on her other role: UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.

The actress spoke from Kabul, Afghanistan Wednesday to urge support of Libyan refugees, affected by growing unrest and protests in the country against leader Muammar Gaddafi, and those in Africa's Côte d’Ivoire, which is on the verge of a civil war, according to the UN.

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"As we witness these newest crises unfold in west and north Africa, it is critical that all parties respect the fundamental right of people in danger to flee to safety - whether civilians caught in conflict in their own country or refugees and asylum seekers caught in new conflicts," Jolie said in a statement. "All I’m asking is that civilians be protected, and not targeted or harmed."

"With these new waves of uprising and conflict, there is and will continue to be massive new displacement.  The world needs to address this moment. We have to give people safe passage, evacuation if needed, and ensure they have asylum.  We don't want to look back and find their deaths are on our hands," Jolie said.

The actress has been in Afghanistan for the past two days to listen to the problems of returned refugees who are struggling to survive 10 years after returning from exile.

"As the world’s attention shifts to the newest refugee crises, we need to remember that if we don’t support people in the long term to really get back on their feet - to feed, shelter and educate their families, to earn a living with dignity, and to participate in meaningful ways in their societies - we will see a continued cycle of instability and new crises," Jolie said.