Angelina Jolie's Dad Jon Voight Crashes 'In the Land of Blood and Honey' Premiere

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Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight

Sources tell THR that Voight was not invited to the L.A. premiere of his daughter's directorial debut.

Photographers at In the Land of Blood and Honey L.A. premiere last night (Dec. 8) thought they were capturing a tender, touching family moment when Jon Voight ran up to his daughter -- the film's director Angelina Jolie -- on the red carpet and tightly embraced her for all to see. The international media has already reported that the two publicly reconciled last night.

The reality could not be further from the truth. Actually what those reporters or casual carpet observers don't know is that Voight actually crashed the premiere and sneaked onto the carpet in order to speak to and be photographed with his famous daughter. While Angelina kept a polite smile on her face, the awkwardness was palpable to those in the know. And the producers were absolutely furious about his behavior.

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THR sources reveal that Voight just walked right by security. Who dares to stop the father of the film's director, right? And the producers were extremely angry at his unwanted presence, so angry that the phrase "hopping mad" comes to mind.

"Voight was definitely not invited and Angelina did not want him there," says one insider. While the producers could not stop the carpet photogs from snapping shots of Jon and Angelina in a brief and noticeably awkward embrace, the official party photographer was given strict instructions not to take any photos of Voight -- with or without Angelina. And the party's security forces were told to keep him far away from Brad and Angie all night.

At the party, Voight was heard raving about his daughter's directorial debut. "It's like a great painting, like a Rembrandt and it will stay with me forever," Voight told anyone who would listen.

THR reached out to Voight's office and his manager for comment but our call has not yet been returned.

UPDATE: Dorothy Koster, Voight's longtime manager tells us: "She (Angelina) called and invited him. She wanted him to be there."

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