Angelina Jolie's Favorite Moving Company Helps Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Relocate

Courtesy NorthStar Moving Company

L.A.-based NorthStar Moving Company -- which counts the "Maleficent" actress as a client and carves out its niche as Hollywood's go-to for moving services -- recently helped the Israeli PM move.

Twelve men, three trucks and four days of waiting for a signal from the Israeli secret service to make their next move: It sounds like a scene from an action film, but for the people at NorthStar Moving Company, it’s all part of moving high-profile clients from point A to point B. In this case, that client was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who recently moved to California for a temporary stay earlier this month.

The company celebrates two decades in service this year, and counts everyone from Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins and Eva Longoria to the Jonas Brothers and NBA player Derek Fisher in their client database. “We started the company because we felt like there was a lack of quality service in this industry,” explains co-founder Laura McHolm. “You have everyone’s belongings — everyone’s treasured possessions — that they’ve worked for. It’s the time you really need to have the utmost care, and that niche wasn’t being filled at all.”

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Headquartered in the Chatsworth area, the company built its reputation through word of mouth, and has now swelled to almost 200 employees and a satellite office in the Bay Area.  

Take, for example, an urgent request NorthStar Moving received from an unnamed A-lister. “We got a phone call around 3 in the morning, asking that we send movers right away to move a chair from a dining room to the living room. It wasn’t a big bulky chair or an ottoman -- it was easily lifted. But we did it and we’re happy to do it, and we make our business doing things like that. We are at your service,” says McHolm. Add to that other unexpected amenities, like on-staff dog trainer Tamar Geller (who has worked with Oprah Winfrey’s pooches), who will pet-sit animals for the day while furniture is being moved.

“We seek out people who understand that everyone has the right and expectation to privacy,” says McHolm of the paparazzi-savvy team. “They would not want someone looking through their mother’s personal belongings and taking pictures, so why would they let it happen to X, Y, or Z celebrity?”