Angryfilms options 'Cycler' books

Young-adult series about girl who turns into guy once a month

Angryfilms, the shingle run by principals Don Murphy and Susan Montford, has optioned Lauren McLaughlin's young-adult book series "Cycler."

The novels tell the story of Jill, a suburban teenager who for four days each month turns into Jack, complete with male anatomy and 17-year-old-boy fantasies. Jill has maintained her life of ordinary teenage worries, such as going to the prom and dealing with crush, but that changes when Jack, tired of being locked in his room, begins to escape, causing damage to her social life.

Random House for Young Readers published the book last year and followed it with a sequel, "Re-Cycler"; more are on the way. The books have won praise for their unique handling of teen sexuality, with the second book being nominated for the American Library Assn.'s Rainbow List.

The ICM-repped McLaughlin worked for several years as an executive at Lionsgate before moving to New York to write. She already has adapted the book into a screenplay.

Angryfilms is out to directors and financiers.

Montford and Murphy, who will produce "Cycler," are working on "Real Steel," the Shawn Levy-directed Hugh Jackman starrer that is set up at DreamWorks.