Anil Kapoor talks 'Shortkut'

Actor hopes to do more Hollywood projects

NEW YORK -- Taking a break from his work on "24" in Los Angeles, Indian actor Anil Kapoor ("Slumdog Millionaire") on Monday said he expects to be working more closely with Hollywood in the future, with "24" being a possible stepping stone.

Kapoor flew to New York to meet reporters and discuss "Shortkut," a film his company produced that hits theatres Friday. The summer comedy by Kapoor Films Co. and Studio 18 aims to help people "forget their worries," the star said.

"I've enjoyed the process of being in the film, working with the people who I want to work with, and I've enjoyed working with them," Kapoor said. "And definitely, whoever invests money in my film, I want them to get their money back."

Kapoor said he hopes families around the world will enjoy "Shortkut." "It is a fun commercial film, which you can sit back and enjoy with your family," he said. "I'm not expecting any critical acclaim or awards for it. Its job is to entertain."