'Animal Crossing' Debuts "Mean Mode" in Cut-for-Time 'SNL' Short

Animal Crossing New Horizons - Nintendo Publicity-H 2020
Courtesy of Nintendo

In the clip posted Friday, castmembers Mikey Day and Melissa Villaseñor FaceTime while playing the social simulation game.

Saturday Night Live on Friday posted a digital short featuring castmembers Mikey Day and Melissa Villaseñor playing the video game that has defined quarantine for many people, Animal Crossing.

In the clip, the two comedians FaceTime each other while playing the social simulation game. But instead of the island dwellers being characteristically friendly, they now have an attitude. "I went up to Cherry and she said, 'You're garbage,'" exclaims Villaseñor. "Does that dog Cherry ever say that to you?" she asks Day, and he replies, "No, Cherry's super nice. Like, he just said, 'It is a very pretty day today.'"

Further into the clip, another island dweller tells Villaseñor's character that she will "always be alone." She asks Day if she's somehow playing the game on a "mean mode," but he clarifies that there's no such mode. He wanders the island catching tiger butterflies and continuing to have a joyful time, as Villasañor declares that the resident services representative, Tom Nook, told her "I hope you get COVID." 

As the two debate whether Tom Nook actually said those words, Day opens the airport gate to allow Villaseñor to leave her island, named Togethertown, and visit his island. But again, she faces an obstacle — she is unable to fly to his town. So, Day heads to hers instead. "I don't think the animals like your island," he says. "Because Tommy just said 'Welcome to Dog Crap City.'"

Later on, Villaseñor's character dies. "You can't die in this," exclaims Day, who earlier in the clip emphasized that the game is for children. "I did! It says, 'Foul play is suspected'" says Villaseñor. As the credits roll for her, Day joins a party on her island to celebrate her being dead.

View the whole clip below.