Animated 'Terminator' sets off rights fight

Hannover House, Pacificor at odds over proposed feature

Plans for an animated "Terminator" feature film hit a roadblock Friday with franchise rights holder Pacificor sending a cease and desist letter to Hannover House, the firm that announced the project on Thursday.

As TheWrap reported, Pacificor says it did not "license or authorize" the film, called "Terminator 3000," and wants co-producers Hannover and Red Bear Entertainment to stop sending press releases with any references to "Terminator" or the proposed film, among other things.

Hannover House CEO Eric Parkinson maintains that he gained animation rights to the franchise as part of his compensation package when exiting as CEO of Hemdale Home Video and Hemdale Communications. Hemdale produced the first "Terminator" film and in 1990, released sequel rights that, after repeatedly changing hands, recently became the property of Pacificor at auction. Parkinson says animation rights were never included in Hemdale's "Terminator" transactions.