Animation A-list

Seven toons likely to draw an animated response from international buyers.

George of the Jungle
Clumsy George of the Jungle, the original loin-clothed tropical forest resident from the 1960s cartoon show, has been revived for a new generation by U.S.-based Classic Media. Co-produced with Studio B Prods. and Teletoon Canada, the 52-part, 11-minute animated comedy already has been snapped up by Cartoon Network U.S. and Europe and Nickelodeon U.K. Life in the jungle with George, Ursula, Ape the ape and Shep the elephant (who thinks he's a dog) should appeal to environmentalists of all ages. (Classic Media)

This series, based on the Web site, features a virtual Internet world where young horse lovers can trade faithfully depicted breeds of horses. Already airing on CBS' KOL kids' programming block, "Horseland" features seven young boys and girls caught up in various virtual equine action adventures. (DIC Entertainment)

My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Targeted at preteen viewers, this half-hour comedy is set at Charles Darwin Middle School, where young Adam Lyon is the only human at an institution populated by all kinds of bestial inhabitants, including a bullying bull shark and a mischievous monkey. The series is produced by the U.S.' Cartoon Network Studios. (Warner Bros. International TV Distribution)

My Little Princess
Already sold to 95 countries by Germany-based TV-Loonland, this regal 65-part, 11-minute high-definition series will be looking for a home in the Americas at NATPE. Voiced by respected U.K. actress Jane Horrocks, the series, which chronicles the exploits of a cute but mischievous preschool heroine who just happens to be royalty, recently found a home at French public channel France 5 and cable-and-satellite service Tiji. (Salsa Entertainment)

The Secret Show
U.K. distribution giant BBC Worldwide conspires with London-based producer Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment to unravel the world of espionage for 7- to 12-year-olds. Kids get to take sides in a cartoon land where the slick superspies at UZZ protect the world from the dastardly deeds committed by the evil organization THEM. It's no secret, however, that the program makes its U.S. debut this month on Nicktoons network. (BBC Worldwide)

Scuola di Vampiri
See the future of "Draculism" in this 52-part, 13-minute cartoon series. Oscar, a friendly little vampire with an incurable blood phobia, has a knack for throwing himself headlong into trouble at the Von Horrificus School for the Undead. This peculiar boarding school is training its students to be the "creme de la creme" of vampiredom, the Top Guns of bat transformation, the elite of the sharpened fang. The first 26 episodes are available, with Season 2 scheduled for June. (Cartoon One )

Tak and the Power of Juju
Every young teenager's dream is to have magical powers, but "juju" comes with a price, as the hero of this new computer-generated series will discover when the program launches in September on Nickelodeon in the U.S. An offshoot of PlayStation and GameCube video games, "Tak" is one of 100 new animated programs that Nickelodeon plans to air this year. (MTV Networks/Nickelodeon)