Anjelica Huston: Ryan O'Neal Hit Me Until I "Saw Stars"

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The actress details the assault in a new tell-all memoir

Anjelica Huston claims former flame Ryan O'Neal brutally assaulted her during a party in the '70s.

The actress details the attack in the forthcoming tell-all Watch Me, a copy of which was obtained by The National Enquirer. The book's publicist confirmed the accuracy of the quotes. O'Neal's rep did not return a call nor respond to an email for comment. 

Huston's account says she was walking from the bathroom to the dining room of a Beverly Hills mansion to avoid crossing paths with a belly dancer, which allegedly set off O'Neal.

"He turned on me, grabbed me by the hair and hit me in the forehead with the top of his skull," Huston writes. "I saw stars and reeled back. Half blind, I ran away from him."

Huston escaped back to the bathroom, where she was comforted by security guards and O'Neal's brother, Kevin, who also witnessed the attack. Eventually, she followed her boyfriend into the bathroom to speak with him alone. Suddenly, "No sooner had I complied then Ryan was in the bathroom, batting me about the head with open hands. Then, abruptly, he left," she writes. Huston says she broke up with O'Neal after the attack.

Huston's memoir is a follow-up to her 2013 memoir, A Story Lately Told, about growing up as legendary filmmaker John Huston's daughter in New York, London and Ireland. The second installment discusses her 16-year relationship with Jack Nicholson

Huston, who has never spoken publicly about director Roman Polanski's sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl at Nicholson's house, breaks her silence in the book. 

"He introduced me to her and said they had been taking pictures.… I thought no more of it," she writes. She met Polanski through Nicholson.

The next day, she encountered Polanski and LAPD detectives, who busted her for cocaine as they searched Nicholson's house. "You better show me the drugs. Otherwise we’ll take this place apart," said an LAPD detective, Huston writes. "They started to go through my handbag, where they found a gram of cocaine. Roman and I were bundled into the back of two separate police cars. We were under arrest."

During the booking process, she says Polanski told her: "I'm sorry for this, Anjelica."

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