Anjelica Huston Backs Woody Allen, Roman Polanski in New Interview

Anjelica Huston-Getty-H 2019

Despite Allen being investigated on sexual molestation allegations, Huston says she would work with him again "in a second."

In a recent interview in Vulture, Anjelica Huston opened up about working with Woody Allen, Jeffrey Tambor and Roman Polanski regarding accusations against them and continuing controversies. 

The actress, who starred in Allen's Crimes and Misdemeanors and Manhattan Murder Mystery, was asked to comment how the director is "basically unable to make films now because of the outcry about his molestation allegations," to which Huston replied, "I think that's after two states investigated him, and neither of them prosecuted him."

The actress went on to say that she would work with Allen again "in a second."

Following Dylan Farrow's allegations against the director recently amid the #MeToo movement, Amazon terminated its lucrative film deal with Allen. He promptly sued the company in response.

When asked about her Transparent co-star Tambor, and whether Huston met the two women who accused him of sexual misconduct, she said, "I’ve met them both. At least insofar as I was concerned, nobody did or said anything inappropriate. I do think in this work we have to feel freedom. We have to feel as though we can say and do things that are not necessarily judged, particularly by the other people in the cast or crew."

In the wake of his harassment claims and an internal investigation by Amazon Studios, Tambor was officially fired from Transparent in February. Huston expressed that he never did anything inappropriate with her. 

Shifting to the conflict concerning Polanski, Huston was asked to consider how she "came down on" the filmmaker when people were signing petitions to have him readmitted to the U.S., to which she offered the opinion: "He’s paid his price, and at the time that it happened, it was kind of unprecedented." Following his expulsion from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Polanski is now suing in order to receive re-entry.

Huston went on to reflect on the culture back then, "This was not an unusual situation. You know that movie An Education with Carey Mulligan? That happened to me. It’s about a schoolgirl in England who falls in love with an older dude, Peter Sarsgaard. My first serious boyfriend I met when he was 42 and I was 18."

When the "older dude" was named as photographer Bob Richardson, Huston elaborated on her past experience: "He was way older than me. I mean, old enough to know better. But these things happen, that’s what I’m saying. These things weren’t judged on the same basis that they’re judged on now. So you can’t compare them."

Huston called Richardson's behavior abusive "in modern terms," noting that no one knew what to call it back then. She added that he was manic-depressive and schizophrenic and acknowledged how hard it was to live with him.