Ann Coulter Blasts Trump for Not Keeping Promise for Border Wall: "He Lied"

Ann Coulter Bill Maher - Screenshot - H - 2019

"We thought he wouldn’t care what the elites thought and he'd actually keep his promises on this," Coulter said of Trump ending the government shutdown during her Friday appearance on 'Real Time With Bill Maher.'

After President Donald Trump agreed to temporarily reopen the government, Ann Coulter expressed her distaste for his capitulation during an appearance on Real Time With Bill Maher on Friday. 

"Good news for George Herbert Walker Bush: As of today, he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States," she tweeted Friday afternoon after Trump’s announcement that he'd reached a deal with congressional Democrats to fund the government through mid-February. 

After Maher read her tweet, Coulter explained that she was disappointed in Trump because she expects "a president to keep the promise he made for 18 months," referring to his determination for a border wall. 

After Maher teased Coulter by asking what her "first clue" was to discovering Trump was a "lying conman," Coulter replied, "I’m a very stupid girl, fine."

Though she admits that Trump's candor was "a selling point," he still "lied." "We’ve been lied to over and over and over again by politicians," she said. "We thought he wouldn’t care what the elites thought and he’d actually keep his promises on this."

Maher and Coulter continued to spar over the border wall, with Coulter arguing that the idea is being misconstrued as "racist." "You’re being played that it’s some kind of racist thing. It’s great for the rich [that Trump gave in]. It’s great for you, but bad for people who work," she told Maher. "He promised something for 18 months and he lied about it. That’s how you get Trump. It’s not this Russia nonsense. You’re so wasting time."

When Maher ask why Coulter supports someone who is not a "sane person," she argued she finds his "puffery really charming." 

"It makes me laugh. That’s fine. I like that about him. Just keep his promise and I’m right back in his camp."

Coulter also briefly addressed the Friday arrest of Trump confidant Roger Stone, who was charged with seven counts of lying to Congress and witness tampering, calling the media frenzy over Stone "exaggerated."

After his arrest, Coulter had sarcastically tweeted, "Sure feel safer today, with the feds taking Roger Stone off the streets. No need for a border wall now. Nothing to fear from MS-13. #OurTaxDollarsAtWork."

"He's been trying to make Trump president since 1988; he should go to jail just for that," Maher quipped. 

At the end of their discussion, Maher asked Coulter whether she would run for president, to which she quipped: "I’m against women working, so I can't."