Ann Coulter Booed, Makes 9/11 Quip at L.A.'s Politicon

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Ann Coulter

The conservative pundit was heckled by audience members during the inaugural two-day event Saturday at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Ann Coulter did not come to Politicon to make new fans, it seems.

The outspoken conservative pundit and best-selling author was interviewed by political commentator Cenk Uygur on Saturday at the inaugural Politicon, a two-day event at the Los Angeles Convention Center billed as the Comic-Con of politics. 

Uygur is the progressive host of The Young Turks, a popular online news show covering an array of topics, including politics, economics and social trends.

Coulter was booed and had some obscenities hurled at her from the packed convention hall after she took shots at the overall audience for apparently not being in agreement when she said the U.S. should have used nuclear weapons to take out Saddam Hussein

"I know this is apparently mostly an audience that doesn't really care about 9/11," Coulter said at one point, which resulted in the crowd erupting.

Other insulting statements aimed at the crowd throughout the hourlong discussion were met with a similar response. 

Uygur and Coulter at Politicon

Coulter did have some fans in the room who yelled and clapped often, but the lion's share of people sided with Uygur's comments and quips at Coulter's expense.

The most contentious point of the discussion occurred toward the end when an audience member of Afghan heritage berated Coulter for remarks she made about "peasant cultures," including those from Mexico and the Middle East and for the statements Coulter made concerning being in favor of using nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

"How dare you claim to be a Christian," said an emotional Crystal Keshawarz. "How dare you claim to say anything in the name of Jesus Christ and wear that cross around your neck."

Coulter did not address the remark directly but asked Keshawarz why she is living in America if her culture is "so hot."

The interview session wrapped up shortly after the exchange.