Ann Coulter on Roger Ailes' Fox News Exit, Melania Trump's RNC Speech Flap

Ann Coulter H 2016
Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

"It's impossible to plagiarize twaddle," the conservative political pundit said of accusations that Trump's speechwriter had copied parts of Michelle Obama's speech given at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Political pundit Ann Coulter sounded off on the recent uproar over Roger Ailes' resignation at Fox News and Melania Trump's plagiarism controversy while sitting down with The Hollywood Reporter on the scene at the Republican National Convention.

"I don’t work at Fox, contrary to popular belief. But I do think this is a fantastic opportunity for Rupert Murdoch to start a conservative network," Coulter said of Murdoch's new position as chairman and acting CEO of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network

She added that Ailes, who stepped down from his post as Fox News chief Thursday amid sexual harassment accusations, had never acted inappropriately around her, before clarifying that she had also never with worked with him in a professional setting.

"I barely encountered him," she emphasized. "There are stories about lots of people. But I didn’t work at Fox, so I know all the makeup artists there — I don’t know the executives."

Coulter, interviewed by THR's Paul Bond, went on to share her thoughts about the plagiarism allegations that plagued Melania Trump after she was called out for copying lines from Michelle Obama's 2008 Democratic National Convention speech.

"It’s impossible to plagiarize twaddle," she said. "Melania's speechwriter didn’t write them, but neither did Michelle's speechwriter. 'The only limit to what you achieve is your dreams' ... We can go to a Rite Aid right now and find a million Hallmark cards that say it. 'Your word is your bond'? They think Michelle Obama copyrighted that?"

Watch Coulter discuss her new book (In Trump We Trust) and more in the video below.