Ann Coulter Weighs in on Anthony Weiner Scandal, Sarah Palin as President (Video)

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The controversial conservative columnist also reveals the one of the most insulting questions she gets asked.

Controversial conservative columnist Ann Coulter used the Anthony Weiner scandal as a chance to slam Democrats in an interview with ABC News on Tuesday.

Coulter said in interviews airing on Good Morning America and Nightline that the scandal -- Weiner on Monday admitted that he had lied about sending sexually suggestive photos to several women via the Internet -- was consistent with liberals' "mob characteristic" of "attacking" the person who released his information.

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"Conservatives respond to their sex scandals differently because we don't elevate our leaders," she told George Stephanopoulous. "We're worried about being consistent. We aren't comfortable with contradictory thinking."

On Tuesday night, Coulter appeared on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, where the host asked her whether she thinks Sarah Palin will run for president.

“I haven’t the first Idea,” she replied, adding: “I wouldn’t if I were in her shoes, not president. Maybe senator or something.”

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Coulter said she believes being president of the U.S. is "the worst job imaginable, both running and holding the office.”

Calling Palin “virtually the biggest thing on the planet,” Coulter asked: “Why would you wreck your life running for president?”

She added that she gets really insulted when people ask her about making her own bid for president.

“It’s like saying, ‘You’re the CEO of a company; why don’t you become a dog walker?’” she said, according to Mediaite.

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Morgan also grilled Coulter with questions about her personal life, which Coulter refused to answer.

Among them: What were you do if you had kids and one turned out to be gay?

Coutler evaded the question by claiming she doesn't want to get married, which she said the first step to having kids. She also argued that her personal life is uninteresting and she doesn't want potential "stalkers" to know more than she wants them to know.



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