Ann Coulter Wrote Most of Her Rob Lowe Roast Jokes, Rejected Comedy Central Writers' Quips

Ann Coulter Comedy Central - H - 2016

"She does not understand humor or joy."

Ann Coulter did not want to use the jokes Comedy Central writers crafted for her, instead putting her own material together for the Roast of Rob Lowe, which premiered Monday, according to writers Mike Lawrence and Earl Skakel, who did a Facebook Live session after the event aired.

Coulter's performance was not well received and she was booed more than once. Even though it did not make it to air, she also had a problem with the teleprompter not working at one point, which clearly irked the conservative political commentator. 

Coulter, who made it clear she was at the roast to plug her new book, In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!, took multiple jabs at Hillary Clinton during her set. Those jokes were met with silence and some confused looks from the audience, which included Maria Shriver.

Lawrence and Skakel, with a little help from a hand puppet dubbed "Coultergeist," shared some of the jokes that were written for Coulter, which she passed on because "She does not understand humor or joy,” Lawrence said.

Some of the rejected jokes were: 

“Peyton Manning is a model citizen and his forehead is a model for the wall that Trump’s going to put between the U.S. and Mexico.”

“Ralph Macchio‘s first-ever credit was in the movie, Up the Academy playing a character called Chooch Bambalazi. Are you serious? Even Donald Trump thinks it’s too racist to call a wop Chooch Bambalazi.” Lawrence added, "She turned down saying 'wop,' That's a fun joke." 

"And before you ask Jeff [Ross], I wouldn't f— you with Hillary Clinton's dick." 

“Rob Lowe is like America: He hasn’t been great since Reagan was president and unemployment is becoming more and more of a problem for him.”

In addition to pretty much bombing her set, Coulter was shown on camera numerous times not laughing when she was being ribbed. Lowe confirmed she did not seem to enjoy herself. 

For all the jokes Coulter turned down and a little more insight into the Lowe Roast, watch the video below: