Ann Coulter's Message to Never-Trumpers: "Move out of DC"

ann coulter and donald trump Split - Getty - H 2016
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ann coulter and donald trump Split - Getty - H 2016

The syndicated columnist also explains why she thinks the mogul is actually a conservative.

Ann Coulter has been arguably Donald Trump's longest and loudest supporter, dedicating dozens of columns to him and making endless appearances on TV and radio to promote his candidacy for president.

Now that he's the presumptive Republican nominee, The Hollywood Reporter reached out for her thoughts on Trump's victory.

If you weren’t supporting Trump, who was your second choice?
Ted Cruz, until I realized he was born in Canada and couldn’t be president. Other than that, I hated them all and was going to take a year off of politics. I’ve always wanted to learn French, so I thought I might spend the year in France.  Given the refugee crisis, Trump may have saved my life.
What’s the top thing you like about Trump?
In this order: Immigration, immigration, immigration, flagrantly violates all the rules of political correctness, immigration, no more pointless wars, will bring back manufacturing, immigration and immigration.
And the top thing you dislike?
The gold fixtures.
Some folks read a tweet of yours or heard something you said and got the idea you were cooling on Trump.
To quote Trump, they’re even bigger liars than the media. I’m Trump’s biggest fan but that doesn’t involve blind devotion to every little thing he says or does. It was just a little constructive criticism, delivered with affection on a podcast with a fellow Trumpster, who thought Trump’s retweet of an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz — my complaint — was awesome. 
What’s your message to Hollywood liberals who are ecstatic this morning thinking Trump will be easy to beat?
You cannot possibly relish the prospect of having to listen to Hillary Clinton’s squawk for the next four years. Join the Trump Train!
What’s your message to Cruz supporters, Glenn Beck, for example, who are depressed that Trump is the presumptive nominee?
I think the average Cruz supporter — not the nuts online or on radio — should be very happy with Trump. Those two had the closest positions on the issues. Unfortunately, Cruz was born in Canada and has a nails-on-a-blackboard speaking style. 
Can you explain succinctly why you believe Trump is a conservative?
He loves America and will protect the people who live here first, last and always.
What’s your message to the 'never-Trumpers' — those conservatives who swear they will never vote for Trump?
Move out of DC and meet some Americans. They’re nice people.
How can Hollywood’s few but proud conservatives help Trump get elected?
Endorsements would be nice.
How do you expect Hollywood and liberals in the media to go after Trump? What do you think they see as a weakness for them to exploit?
They won’t go after his real weaknesses, which aren’t much to speak of — no political experience, brash, the gold fixtures — instead, they’ll do what they always do: scream ‘racist!’
Shortly after Cruz dropped out of the race, MSNBC ran a montage of the most egregious things Trump has said. Can we expect more of that? Endless video of him being asked about the KKK, maybe?
More?  It’s all we’ve heard for the last nine months — and Trump has won more votes in the primary than anyone else in history. So, good luck to them. 
How should Trump respond to Hollywood’s future attacks on him?
The way he did to Rosie O’Donnell.
I know you dined with Clint Eastwood and again with a dozen Hollywood writers and producers. Can you tell me more names of folks you’ve met with in Hollywood to promote Trump?