Anna Chlumsky Teases 'Veep' Series Finale and Amy's "Satisfying" Ending

"We somehow manage to bring things to a close while allowing plenty for the audience's imagination," Chlumsky told The Hollywood Reporter In Studio.

With only one episode left in the seventh and final season of HBO's Veep, star Anna Chlumsky is gearing up to say goodbye to her character, Amy Brookheimer, and teased to The Hollywood Reporter how things will wrap up for Selina Meyer and her devoted team.

"We somehow manage to bring things to a close while allowing plenty for the audience's imagination," she explained to The Hollywood Reporter In Studio of the series finale.

But could it all end by giving audiences a look into the future with a flash forward? Chlumsky played coy, saying as she covered her expression, "I can't! You're going to read everything on my face!"

While Chlumsky wouldn't spill on how exactly it all ends, she did explain her satisfaction with how Amy's story comes to a close, saying, "I do feel like Amy’s arc by the end of the whole series really feels very satisfying to me as a person playing it."

She continued: "I'm the type of actor who really believes in writing a play and reading a play and seeing a play and going, 'Well, why this story? There's a reason to tell this portion of this person’s life.' And in a series like this, there are many characters to ask that question of. So for me, as the player of Amy, I was really gratified that I got to sort of connect all those dots from day one to last, where I could be like, 'Oh, this is this moment. All these eight years described this part of Amy's journey.'"

Chlumsky also recalled sitting down for the final table read with her tight-knit cast, calling it "profound" and "beautiful."

"I really am so grateful to everybody for being that brave to show all of their emotions, because I almost feel like we got exponentially closer as a company in those last two weeks than the whole thing," she said. "We had the whole series, and then those last two weeks just doubled all of that. You know, it was in that condensed period of time. It was really, really profound and special because we just let it all hang out."

The series finale of Veep airs Sunday, May 12, at 10:30 p.m. on HBO. 

Watch the video above to hear Chlumsky reflect on her first days on set, Amy’s relationship with Dan and more.