How to Get Anna Chlumsky's 'Veep' Crown Braid

Anna Chlumsky braid - H 2015

Anna Chlumsky braid - H 2015

The star's hairstylist, Sarah Potempa, shares a step-by-step for her red carpet premiere 'do.

Anna Chlumsky is a busy lady. Not only did she appear last night on the red carpet for the New York premiere of Veep’s season four, but she had to go straight to perform in her new Broadway show Living for Love, in a wig. With both those events in mind, celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa came up with a clean, structured hairdo that would flatter her face and fit under a wig cap: the crown braid.

To accomplish the look, Potempa first brushed out and detangled the HBO actress’ hair with the SarahPotempa "On Set" Styling Brush ($42). Next, she started in the lower back right part of her hair, and sectioned out a clean semi-circle going up. She clipped the rest of Chlumsky’s hair with her Darby Clips ($16).

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She started French braiding the hair with three sections, adding hair from the root and following along the hairline all the way over to the other ear. Potempa advises releasing the clips once you get to the hairline and adding that hair in. After completing the circle, she braided the lengths of Chlumsky’s hair and added Aussie’s Miraculously Smooth Tizz No Frizz gel ($4) to the ends to make sure all the layers stay in and smooth.

Finally, she wrapped the tail of the braid around the inside of the crown, tucked it in and secured with bobby pins. Voila, the perfect plait for any occasion.


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