Anna Kendrick Learned the Verb "Vagina-ing" on 'Pitch Perfect 3'

Courtesy of Late Night with Seth Meyers

The actress said she's learning a lot from new director Trish Sie.

Anna Kendrick took a brief break from filming Pitch Perfect 3 in Atlanta to visit Seth Meyers on Monday.

While on Late Night, Kendrick talked about her experience working with the movie's director, Trish Sie of OK Go music-video fame. Kendrick said that it's helpful that Sie, who also is a choreographer, comes from the dance world because of the amount of dancing in the third film.

"Some of her direction has been amazing and I feel like I'm just learning a lot about what body movements are," said the actress. "In the first week she came in and she was trying to get one of the characters to do a kind of lewd body movement. She was like I think you're just over here and you're just like vagina-ing on the couch."

Kendrick said that in and of itself was a lesson to her. "I didn't know that 'vagina-ing' could be a verb," she said.

Kendrick also talked about why she would never want to be in someone's wedding and joked about how she likes to back away from friends when they start to fall in love.