Anna Wintour Supports Scarlett Johansson Wearing Marchesa

"Georgina [Chapman] is a brilliant designer and I don't think she should be blamed for her husband's behavior," the Vogue editor-in-chief said of the actress' choice to don a dress from the brand co-founded by Harvey Weinstein's wife.

Fresh off the heels of the 2018 Met Gala, Anna Wintour stopped by Stephen Colbert's The Late Show on Wednesday night to share some behind-the-scenes gossip about the star-studded event, which Colbert himself attended. The Vogue editor-in-chief (and Conde Nast artistic director) told Colbert she's been recovering and "wondering who's upset about where they sat and what went wrong and what went right."

Wintour hosts the annual event and is charged with choosing who sits where inside New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. The CBS host said he was at a table with Hugh Jackman, Sienna Miller, Colin Firth, Julie Corden (James Corden's wife), Scarlett Johansson and Amal Clooney — though Colbert said she "never sat down."

"She was a hostess; she was working the tables!" Wintour said, later explaining why Clooney switched outfits from the dramatic dress she wore when she arrived.

"Amal actually arrived on the red carpet in this amazing dress, Richard Quinn," Wintour said. "But it was made of tin foil, so she was a little bit concerned it might rip during the evening, so she went into the gift shop and she changed into this extraordinary Tom Ford dress, which is designed to look like stained glass."

"You sell this at the gift shop?!" Colbert joked. "I thought it was just astronaut ice cream."

"Only if you're Amal Clooney," Wintour replied. 

The two discussed their favorite looks from the evening, with Wintour pointing out both Rihanna's ensemble (who, according to her, "took the theme extremely seriously and nailed it,") and Father James Martin's "authentic" attire.

"My very favorite was Father James Martin," Wintour said. "He's a Jesuit priest who was advising us on the exhibition, and he came in his appropriate robes, and apparently all night people were coming up to him and saying, 'I really like that you came as a sexy priest, and you look so authentic.' That was my favorite."

Wintour also addressed the controversy surrounding Scarlett Johansson wearing Marchesa, the brand co-founded by Georgina Chapman, Harvey Weinstein's wife. With her choice, Johannson became the first A-lister to wear Marchesa on a red carpet since Weinstein's fall from grace.

"Georgina is a brilliant designer, and I don't think she should be blamed for her husband's behavior," Wintour said. "I think it was a great gesture of support on Scarlett's part to wear a dress like that — a beautiful dress like that — on such a public occasion."