When Anne Archer Brought 'Texas' to AFM in 1983

Ron Galella/Wire Image/Getty Images
Anne Archer, Terry Jastrow

"We just decided to go for it"

This story first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter's AFM Daily on Nov. 8.

Three decades ago, actress Anne Archer and her husband, Terry Jastrow, formerly an Emmy-winning sports producer, brought their first joint creative venture, Waltz Across Texas, to the American Film Market.

Critics, including THR's own, thought the film — an opposites-attract love story between an ambitious Texas oilman (Jastrow) and an East Coast geologist (Archer) — was quite predictable. But the couple received high praise for their entrepreneurial efforts behind the scenes.

Spending months in Jastrow’s native Texas, the pair, who had wed in 1979, threw themselves headlong into producing the independent feature, securing the financing and writing and starring in the movie itself. "We were very recently married, we were very adventurous then and everything seemed possible," Archer, now 67, recalls. "We just decided to go for it."

Now, 30 years after Waltz Across Texas, Archer, who was nominated for a supporting actress Oscar for 1987's Fatal Attraction and co-starred alongside Harrison Ford in 1992's Patriot Games, once again is collaborating with her husband, now 66, to produce The Squeeze, a golf-and-gambling caper that Jastrow wrote and directed.

Thanks to their work on the first film, the duo, who have a son together (Archer has another son, Tommy Davis, from a previous marriage, who was for many years the head of the Church of Scientology's L.A. Celebrity Center), was able to get full funding from the same investors in just over a week.

"We work really well together," says Archer. "We're a good team."